Claire Grimmond
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I’m a positive, collaborative coach, using my experience at board level in world-class media organisations to help you reach your goals.

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Why executive coaching?

Do you ever feel you’ve hit a rut in your career? Or that you’re not maximising your opportunities? Perhaps you no longer enjoy your role, or you have a specific problem at work that’s sapping your optimism…

Speaking to a qualified executive coach can be a powerful way to explore your professional goals and take positive, practical steps to achieve them. Creating the space to think with a trusted coach can fire up the complexity that lies within and find ways for you to reach your best outcome.

“I know the sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the Moon — and I made some of them!”
Buzz Aldrin

What can I expect from a coaching session?

Your needs and goals are what matters. Listening to you will always come first, but dynamic questioning can help you to analyse your situation and reflect on what you’d like to change. Once we’ve identified, together, where you are and what you hope to achieve, we can start to develop techniques to make your goal a reality.

There are a great many frameworks to help you on that journey, from GROW, to cognitive behavioural coaching and appreciative enquiry. It’s not unusual for clients, after only a few sessions, to feel empowered to transform their working lives.

“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.”
Dolly Parton

Certificate in Coaching

 Accredited by the Association for Coaching

TQUK in Education and Training

About me

With over 25 years’ experience in leadership roles across the broadcasting landscape, I have had a remarkable insight into the joys, as well as the challenges, of thriving in such organisations as Channel 4, BBC and ITV and the many associated industries that support broadcasters, including Kantar Media.

Having worked as a senior leader in audience insight and collaborated at executive level with commissioning, marketing, advertising sales, strategy and HR teams, my work has given me experience and exposure to the dynamic issues facing media organisations. My background in research has also ensured that I keep an open mind regarding what drives behaviour and motivations in a world filled with change.

In my role as an executive coach, I have combined this broad and deep experience, bringing all my positivity and energy to support people achieve their goals and personal objectives, while empathising with the complexity of the working world.

Claire is a naturally brilliant coach – and has in fact been coaching people for years throughout her accomplished career.

I felt incredibly ‘safe’ spending time with her and discussing what were at times quite deep-rooted and personal beliefs and thoughts. The sessions never felt uncomfortable and Claire had the rare qualities of being able to listen attentively whilst also asking the right questions at the right time to allow topics to be fully explored.

As a result of the sessions I feel much more positive about the way ahead and Claire has been a genuine catalyst on my journey from fixed to growth mindset.

Gideon Barker, Insight Director, Customer IQ

Claire is a fantastic coach who uses her positivity and energy to drive meaningful career conversations. Her sessions encourage a range of discussion topics, but by letting the participant drive the conversation it feels very organic.

Personally Claire has helped me to uncover my motivators, understand my career path to date and define some short and long term goals that already feel like they have fundamentally shifted my direction of travel.

I would recommend Claire to any aspiring and active executives/leaders who want to understand their career journey to date, whilst also starting to uncover where they want and need to go next.

Mark Donovan, Channel Director, Comedy Central

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Claire as my coach over the past year, where I transitioned into a more senior role and tackled 2020. Her experience and unwavering energy have been utterly invaluable, and she really helped me to find clarity at a difficult time. I have grown a lot both personally and professionally throughout my time with her.

Claire is kind and empathetic but also not afraid to challenge you when necessary. I looked forward to every session as, she gave me a safe space to breathe, reset and re-evaluate my goals. I cannot thank her enough for her support and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Polly Scates, Acquisitions Manager, Channel 4